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New GAF Timberline® HDZ Shingles Provide Best Wind Warranty on the Market

Once in a while a product comes along that’s a game changer. In the roofing industry, this product is the new GAF® Timberline® HDZ shingles. Using new and innovative bonding technology, these shingles offer an unrivaled beauty, durability, strength, and unlimited wind uplift performance. As a GAF® Certified Master Elite Roofer, Queen City Roofing is proud to be able to offer this product to all its customers.

Offering Outstanding Wind Resistance

What makes these shingles so wind resistant? 

GAF® Timberline® HDZ shingles are made using a proprietary LayerLock™ technology, which mechanically fuses and strengthens the common bond on every shingle. During installation, nails pass through the two courses of shingles for solid secondary fastening. Following your roof’s installation, the asphalt to asphalt monolithic bond cures for exceptional durability, strength, and super high wind resistance.

Unlimited Wind Warranty Shingles

Most manufacturer wind resistance warranties typically vary from 60 mph for 20 year 3-tab shingles, and 130-160 mph for 50 year architectural lifetime-warranty shingles, if nailed with six nails per shingle.

“GAF is so confident in the technology of this new product that they’ve eliminated the wind exceptions completely,” points out Tom McAndrew, president of Queen City Roofing. “This outstanding level of coverage is unheard of in our industry,” he adds.

GAF® WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty

Queen City Roofing now offers homeowners GAF’s WindProven™ un- limited wind warranty Timberline HDZ Shingles, the first roofing shingle wind warranty in the industry with no maximum wind speed limit

GAF Timberline® HDZ Shingles in NH

To learn more about GAF® Timberline® HDZ shingles and this outstanding warranty, call the roofing pros at Queen City Roofing at (603) 289-HOME (4663) or visit us online.

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