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Get the Best Protection for Your New Roof with GAF® Algae-Proof and Wind-Proof Shingles

Introducing GAF® StainGuard Plus™ & WindProven™ Infinite Wind Speed Protection

A new roof is a substantial investment, so you want the best protection. Look no further than GAF® StainGuard Plus™ & WindProven™ Infinite Wind Speed Protection shingles. These latest product innovations make America’s #1 roofing system even better.

Protect Your Roof from Algae: GAF® StainGuard Plus™ Shingles

Unfortunately, algae growth is unavoidable, especially if your home is in a shady area surrounded by trees and vegetation. Algae discolor your shingles, eventually causing them to disintegrate and detach. GAF’s new StainGuard Plus™ shingles offer a 25-year limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration. Its proprietary time-release copper ion technology releases ten times as much stain-fighting copper as its traditional copper-coated mineral granules to better resist algae growth.

Don’t Let the Wind Win: WindProven™ Infinite Wind Speed Protection Shingles

Wind gusts and storms can wreak havoc on your roof. Get unprecedented protection against high winds with GAF Dura Grip™ Adhesive and LayerLock™ Technology. This advanced technology provides the holding power to protect your home from whatever Mother Nature throws its way—and it comes with GAF Windproven™ Infinite Wind Speed Protection limited warranty. No roofing system in the industry offers this level of performance and protection.

GAF® Master Elite Roofing Contractor Serving NH

As a certified GAF® Master Elite Roofing Contractor, Queen City Roofing offers the highest expertise, craftsmanship, and service. We’ve been a trusted provider of residential roofing services in New Hampshire for over 20 years. We serve customers throughout Southern, Central, and Western New Hampshire, including Bedford, Manchester, Amherst, Salem, Nashua, Keene, Sunapee, and more. Call us at (603) 289-HOME (4663) for your free, no-obligation roofing estimate.

Area of Service

  • Alstead

  • Chesterfield

  • Dublin

  • Fitzwilliam

  • Gilsum

  • Harrisville

  • Hinsdale

  • Jaffrey

  • Keene

  • Marlborough

  • Marlow

  • Nelson

  • Richmond

  • Rindge

  • Roxbury

  • Stoddard

  • Sullivan

  • Surry

  • Swanzey

  • Troy

  • Walpole

  • Wesrmoreland

  • Winchester

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